Ghost Hotel #1

It’s many centuries ago and you know or don’t know it. You lost your watch, now you watch your loss. Here, there and where equal everywhere. Timeless dust crawls in your hair on the soundtrack of melodic hoofbeats. The endless road to nowhere is beautiful so you keep your eyes closed. A raven raves by, some crows crawl and the other don’t bother.

You feel sepia or grey but hell, that’s okay. It’s misty and wet and atmosphere’s brown with a hint of red. A mystic aura flickrs in your brain, it drives you deliciously insane. The hoofbeats slow down, you smile like a rusty clown. Happiness alarm: the business card in your pocket gets warm and it seems to yell. And you know you approach the ghost hotel.

Foto: © Caroline Barberis, 2009

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